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Learn the entrance exam dates

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Undergraduate Admission Exam Results

Remember that to pass the entrance exam, you must obtain at least 1,000 points in the Academic Aptitude Test, except for the following degree programs:
  • For the undergraduate degree programs in Medicine, Surgery, and Midwifery and Dentistry and Dental Surgery you need 1,150 points and at least 550 points in the verbal area and 600 points in the mathematical area.
  • For the undergraduate degree programs in Humanistic and Religious Studies, Philosophy, Sociology, Humanistic and Social Studies, Literature, Political Science and Governance, Mechatronics, Industrial Design, Law, and Economics, you need 1,200 points.

Select and click on the date when you took the admission exam to see if you are included as a successful candidate (pass) in the list of exam results. Lists are shown in PDF format.

Day of the exam
December 2​
October 7​
July ​1
If you are not included in the listing, call the Office for New Students (Oficina de Información y Atención a Alumnos de primer ingreso) at +52 (81) 8215-1010 or call our toll free line: 01 800-801-UDEM ext. 1010.