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About Roberto Garza Sada

An innovative man


About Tadao Ando

Designer of The Roberto Garza Sada Center


About Roberto Garza Sada

The Center bears the name of Don Roberto Garza-Sada in homage to the man who has left one more trace of his generous spirit and his desire to spur on the culture of our society.

The Roberto Garza-Sada Center is undoubtedly an incarnation of this remarkable man’s interests and great passions. An engineer by training, Mr. Roberto Garza-Sada was able to leave his mark on his era and his environment thanks to all his works and personal talents. His innovative spirit, generosity, and sensibility allowed him to excel in the fields of architecture, design, and art.

Roberto Garza-Sada was the main protagonist in the foundation and growth of some of the largest companies in the Mexico, including the Grupo Cervecería, Hojalata y Lámina, Empaques de Cartón Titán, and Compañía Financiera General de Aceptaciones.

He was a great humanitarian, concerned with improving the quality of life for his workers through the construction of family homes and the founding of the Nova Clinic.

His aspirations far exceeded the realm of business success. He used his position to generously promote art, education, and culture. He supported many educational institutions, such as the Monterrey Tech, Arte, A. C., and, of course, The Universidad of Monterrey, of which he was the main benefactor.

His work as a patron and advocate of culture is truly remarkable. His passion for art lead him to award foreign study scholarships to musicians and to bring countless artistic exhibitions of the most varied types to Monterrey.