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Sustainability and Energy Innovation Engineer

Mexico is currently going into an energy transition phase while at the same time moving to a low-carbon economy with major challenges for urban development and the productive sectors. 
It is therefore fundamental to adopt a new profile that can break paradigms in order to propose, evaluate, and generate schemes and strategies towards sustainable development and the energy future. 

A Sustainability and Energy Innovation Engineer will be a leading professional led by ethical principles and a high commitment to society and the environment to generate competitiveness and innovation. 


To train professionals capable of generating and making decisions on the design, evaluation, and management of sustainability and energy projects. These professionals should be enterprising, socially responsible, and mindful of energy and resources and have a high sense of innovation and a strategic vision. They should be able to generate interdisciplinary proposals and solutions to meet the needs of the current markets and as regards the futurology of energy and the environment. 

Additionally, to train agents of change who contribute to the well-being and quality of life of people and their milieu.

Student Learning Outcomes 
  • Shape students with a profile of entrepreneurship, social responsibility and awareness about the correct use of energy and resources.
  • Develop a high sense of innovation and strategic vision.
  • Students to be capable of generating proposals and interdisciplinary solutions for today market, as well as for the future of energy and the environment.
  • Prepare agents of change who will contribute to the welfare and life quality of man and the environment.    ​

Scholarship to Creative Talent

For national and international students who want to enter the undergraduate programs of Art, Architecture and Design.

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The UDEM faculty has ample academic and professional experience and are both nationally and international recognized.

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