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Bachelor of Nursing

​The Bachelor of Nursing program is intended for young men and women who have finished high school and are interested in developing professionally in the field of nursing.


To shape dedicated, humanitarian healthcare professionals who ground their practice in theoretical-methodological expertise and apply scientific principles to their work, whether this is research, teaching, or healthcare service.

Bachelors of Nursing from UDEM are trained professional who:
  • Link theoretical and practical knowledge because they have had real work experience right from the beginning of their training.
  • Develop professional competencies that allow them to excel in various employment fields.
  • Work in applied research, which is a fundamental part of their learning process.
  • Receive personal and close contact through academic consulting and mentorship services.
  • Know and handle the administrative process and its application in nursing services and in health institutions.
  • Through their training in the theoretical elements of thanatology, provide dignified personal treatment, with quality and warmth, both to the patients and to their families.
  • Learn exclusively from professors holding master, medical specialties, or doctor's degrees and who have vast healthcare, teaching, administrative, and research experience.
  • Receive on the job supervision and feedback from their professors.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate the necessary knowledge for the performance of the main roles of nursing; with high humanistic approach, respecting the ethical, legal and professional principles in strict adherence to the human rights.
  • Integrate and plan the healthcare interdisciplinary actions, respecting the normative framework of the public and private institutions where they will work.
  • Efficiently respond to the direct health service requirements of individuals, family and community, in all three levels of healthcare, through the application and use of nursing services tools and research.
  • Construct health educational programs which support healthcare needs, aimed at groups of healthy or sick people, as well as health service educational programs for nursing personnel.

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be supportive, committed, altruist