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Bachelor of Clinical Psychology

The undergraduate degree program in Clinical Psychology aims to provide an answer to those people interested in studying in depth the human behavior involved in mental disorders or any other behavior that is relevant to the health and disease processes, in order to propose alternatives to deal with the psychological problems affecting people’s everyday life.


To train psychologists who have the necessary scientific knowledge to assess, diagnose, intervene, or prevent mental or behavioral anomalies or disorders, based on approaches, methods, and techniques distinctive of Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology and who are committed to the promotion of health and the psychological well-being of the human being.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Demonstrate competence in the field of clinical psychology in order to apply evaluation tools and interpret results to prepare the psychological treatment or intervention, according to the selected theoretical approach (psychoanalytic, behavioral, cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, etc.).
  • Propose alternatives of attention to psychological problems affecting the daily lives of people.
  • Submit clinical cases that account for their functional skills by means of relevant clinical information of a consultant reported either in the modality of psychological evaluation report or psychological intervention report.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills for research, specifically in defining problems, questions, hypotheses and research objectives supported by a theoretical framework, in choosing the method and procedure as well as in the analysis of results and discussion thereof.

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be analytical, relationship, understanding