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Dental Surgeon

The Dental Surgeon career develops a profound mastership of Stomatology and professional medical skills in the students in order for them to provide integral and comprehensive medical care to their patients.

In addition, it offers innovative Odontological Medicine, such as Genomic Medicine or topics of cellular tissue culture for new therapy development.


Shape professionals with suitable knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities who are skilled in serving society by fulfilling its sanitation needs, both in the stages of preventative measures and in the stages of diagnosis and treatment, in an ethical and efficient manner. The oral and dental health professionals must appreciate the need for their professional development and their ongoing formation throughout their lives. They must be capable of efficiently using progress in science and technology, and understanding the central role of patients in therapeutic decision-making.

Help students to acquire the necessary clinical knowledge and competence so that, upon graduation, they will be able to carry out a general odontological practice in an independent manner. They must also be able to recognize their limitations and know how to look for advice or refer the patient to other professionals whenever a situation exceeds their field of competency.

Promote the acquisition of professional knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behavior that will facilitate an effective and adequate interaction with patients, colleagues, and other health care professionals.

Promote research as curricular support, which allows the development of consistent critical thought, and enables students to permanently question themselves both about their daily work and about the most transcendental breakthroughs in science.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Apply knowledge regarding basic science and clinical science to develop diagnostics, propose treatments, issue prognoses, and apply preventive measures, in ailments within the field of the general dental surgeon.
  • Develop an ethical and responsible practice in patient care.

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

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