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Medical Doctor

The UDEM offers the best clinical facilities for student training, including public medicine in the hospitals of the IMSS, the ISSSTE, and those of the Health Secretary of Nuevo Leon. We also train in the following private hospitals: the various Hospitales Christus Muguerza (UDEM school hospitals), Clínicas Adelaida Lafón de Muguerza, Hospital Clínica Nova Monterrey, and the CIMA Monterrey, along with 44 hospitals in the United States, thanks to the our agreement with Christus Health and other institutions.


To shape professionals with a general mastery of medicine who are culturally educated and hold an ample vision of the medical profession in order to practice medicine with a high level of competency, commitment and honesty. To efficiently prepare students to apply medical knowledge in a rigorous and scientific manner when treating a group of illnesses and in the rehabilitation of patients from the after-effects of said illnesses. They will also be able to solve individual and community health situations in an effective and humanitarian manner.

Students will learn to: Use the knowledge of basic sciences and clinical sciences to prepare diagnoses, suggest medical treatments, issue prognoses and apply preventive measures in illnesses which belong to the general medical domain.

For this, students will make use of the techniques taught in classes and self-learning activities in order to build a basic knowledge that will be complemented with the preparation of clinical records in real scenarios, medical rotations and on-duty shifts throughout the different medical services, and in their participation in medical campaigns and brigades, workshops, symposiums and congresses.

The purpose is to enable students to practice excellent basic medical care, with skills to identify situations requiring a more specialized medical approach. Likewise, they must detail the measures of preventive medicine and positively influence the community with their application.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • To apply the basic and clinical science knowledge in order to prepare diagnoses, propose treatments, issue prognoses, and implement preventive measures, in those ailments that pertain to the family Doctor’s practice.
  • To develop a professional, ethic and responsible practice when tending to patients.​

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be committed, investigative, compassionate