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Bachelor in Political Science and Governance

The Bachelor in Political Science and Governance is focused on the professionalization of public servants according to international trends. The graduates from this program obtain expert knowledge of the Mexican political system and have a 100-percent job placement rate.


To shape professionals ready to improve the quality of governmental work according to the demands of the current political situation. Graduates will be knowledgeable in the national and international historical context and in the processes of political participation and good government. Their decisions will be grounded in political and government theory, as well as in rigorous methods of analysis of the political system and its various components.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • To apply the knowledge of public administration and best practices to the public service field, civil society and private sector.
  • To analyze the political theory processes in order to understand the function of power and negotiation throughout the history of society.
  • To relate the influence of different internal and external actors in the consolidation processes of political processes and citizen participation in order to understand the context of political decisions.

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be a leader, observer, communicator