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Bachelor in International Relations

Our Bachelor in International Relations is an innovative program that provides students with a balanced combination of subjects dealing with geopolitics and international negotiation encompassing various geographical areas. This program is unique in the northern Mexico and provides excellent learning resources, among which include participation in Harvard, the OAS, the Inter-European Model, and the Triumvirate.


To shape professionals able to analyze, diagnose, design, and produce strategies for the solution of international problems in response to social needs, taking into account the political, economic, and social spheres.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Design strategies and projects having international impact, such as participation in essays competitions and lectures.
  • Analyze the international reality in all its aspects. Promoting students’ participation in conferences with research professors.
  • Develop projects having an impact in the international community, through international organizations or non-governmental organizations.
  • Plan business strategies, putting into practice the Program’s theoretical knowledge.
  • Propose solutions to national and international problems and conflicts.

be global, humanitarian, diplomatic