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Bachelor of Philosophy

​In Bachelor in Literature our professors hold Doctorates in Philosophy, Arts, Social Sciences, Sociology, History, and Theology. As a result of this remarkable faculty and programs, the UDEM is recognized in Mexico as the premier university for the humanities.

Throughout the academic program, students are in contact with renowned national and foreign writers and philosophers. Our undergraduates have been very successful students of master degrees and doctorates in foreign institutions, including The University of Connecticut, Universidad de Barcelona, Université d'Aix-en- Provence, Katholleke Universiteit Leuven, The London School of Economics, University of California-Los Angeles, Universidad de Navarra, and Yale University.


To shape professionals able to create and manage socially responsible programs both in public and private organizations, with a high sense for research in humanities, focused on the knowledge of philosophical, administrative, and social sciences.

The Philosophy program, together with the Humanistic and Social Studies program, the Literature program, and the Sociology program make up the UDEM’s Associated Bachelors of Humanities model. We are the only university in Mexico that combines the traditional humanities with the social sciences.

Advantages of the UDEM's Associated Bachelors Model:
  • The first humanistic-studies related degree model in Mexico, it enables you to combine and delve into the areas of philosophy, literature, sociology, art, and history.
  • You can pursue a double degree with just one and a half years of additional instruction.
  • A highly competitive international exchange program that has more than 580 agreements with universities and guarantees the international competitiveness of our graduates.
  • A permanent and highly-updated guidance program for professional internships, social service, and national and international artistic and cultural exchange.
  • A permanent and highly-updated guidance program for professional internships, social service, and national and international artistic and cultural exchange.
  • A two semester interdisciplinary final project (PEF) that must excel in both theoretical and practical aspects. This extensive “senior thesis” consolidates and develops our interdisciplinary ideal.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Identify, differentiate and summarize the general characteristics of history of philosophy’s various stages, under the light of debating on a “perennial philosophy”. Analyze and evaluate the possible systematization of philosophy’s disciplines (logics, ethics, philosophical anthropology, epistemology, metaphysics and political philosophy).
  • Develop the skills to create philosophical research projects with interdisciplinary influences in humanities and social sciences, covering the necessary methodology and contents in order to achieve a wide range of improvement research or projects which, at the same time, could be able to be recipient of financing funds.
  • Planning and executing projects in the field of today’s philosophy; those project are aimed at having an impact beyond the University’s environment, either in conference presentations, magazine publications, institutional innovations, or else, that the project will serve as working example when applying to graduate programs in humanities.​

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be innovative, visionary, progressive