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Bachelor of Literature

We are the only university at a nationwide level with an academic program that brings together both classic humanities and social sciences: Bachelor in Literature. Our professors hold Doctorates in Philosophy, Arts, Social Sciences, Sociology, History, and Theology. As a result of this remarkable faculty and programs, the UDEM is recognized in Mexico as the premier university for the humanities. 

Throughout the academic program, students are in contact with renowned national and foreign writers and philosophers. Our undergraduates have been very successful students of master degrees and doctorates in foreign institutions, including The University of Connecticut, Universidad de Barcelona, Université d'Aix-en- Provence, Katholleke Universiteit Leuven, The London School of Economics, University of California-Los Angeles, Universidad de Navarra, and Yale University.


To shape professionals able to understand, analyze, and interpret literary and humanistic texts. They will also develop profound knowledge of, and gain experience in, literary creation so they may acquire proficiency to work in teaching, librarianship, journalistic, and editorial fields, as well as working in the creation and management of editorial, journalistic, artistic, advertising, and multimedia companies. Also, they will create and submit innovative humanistic proposals in order to contribute to the growth of a multicultural and globalized society.

The Literature program, together with the Humanistic and Social Studies program, the Philosophy program, and the Sociology program make up the UDEM’s Associated Bachelors of Humanities model. We are the only university in Mexico that combines the traditional humanities with the social sciences.

Advantages of the UDEM's Associated Bachelors Model:
  • The first humanistic-studies related degree model in Mexico, it enables you to combine and delve into the areas of philosophy, literature, sociology, art, and history.
  • You can pursue a double degree with just one and a half years of additional instruction.
  • An outstanding faculty, holding doctorates and master's degrees, backed by their intellectual work in the scholarly and artistic areas of the humanities.
  • ​​A highly competitive international exchange program that has more than 580 agreements with universities and guarantees the international competitiveness of our graduates.
  • A permanent and highly-updated guidance program for professional internships, social service, and national and international artistic and cultural exchange.
  • Extensive experience in individually guided study that reflects the highly specialized level of our students and professors and the UDEM’s attention to individual education.
  • A two semester interdisciplinary final project (PEF) that must excel in both theoretical and practical aspects. This extensive “senior thesis” consolidates and develops our interdisciplinary ideal.
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Develop editorial projects of different types, in writing, electronically, following spelling correction and writing guidelines according to a style manual.
  • Develop the ability to create literary drafts containing the methodological and content characteristics which are necessary to develop research and/or literary creation with interdisciplinary influences in humanities and social sciences, and which in turn will gather the fundamental elements in order to apply for state and national scholarships’ grant funding.
  • Plan and execute projects within the area of literature with interdisciplinary influences in humanities and social sciences, which will aspire to having an impact beyond the academic environment, either in conference presentations, magazine publications, institutional innovation and literary creation – or else, having the proposal prepared as a sample of the work in order to apply for graduate programs in creation or literary research.


Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be innovative, visionary, progressive