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Electronics Technologies and Robotics Engineering

The Universidad de Monterrey Electronics Technologies and Robotics Engineering program has an innovative study plan that is divided into three blocks: Electrical Design, Robotics, and Artificial Intelligence Programming. The study plan also allows for specializations in Automated Processes, Electrical Design, Advanced Robotics, Embedded Systems, Telecommunications, and Advanced Networks that allow the student to tailor his or her study plan to fit his or her particular tastes and interests.


To train innovative and energetic professionals capable of integrating electrical engineering, programming, and robotics to spur on the technological development of related fields. They should also be able to propose technical and economically viable solutions to new electronic programmable products for robotics.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Analyze and design electronic systems comprising analog and digital components, in order to implement innovative products and solutions for control, communication and data processing.
  • Analyze and design systems and computer architectures comprising interfaces, data processing, communication and implementation execution of programs for automatic and intelligent control of processes and devices.
  • Integrates mathematical formulations with foundations of Electronics and computing in order to develop applications and provide solutions to real problems.​

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be resourceful, innovative, transformative