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Bachelor in Global Business

The Bachelor in Global Business program trains students to provide innovative solutions to international business problems with a holistic and global approach.


To train professionals comprehensively with a vision to identify opportunities to generate business in the global market, catering to multicultural differences and applying economic, legal, financial, and international logistics analysis to design strategies that promote competitiveness from a private or public sector organization with an ethical perspective and within a framework of sustainability.​​​

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Develop export business plans starting from the company´s objectives and resources.
  • Identify and analyze economic, cultural, legal and financial information sources for decision-making within an international business scope.
  • Integrate, analyze and use the international business theories to take advantage of the benefits provided by international treaties.
  • Manage the logistical process of exportation and importation of the company.
  • Be able to propose strategies to boost international business.

Student Life

Develop your leadership, cultural, artistic, and physical skills while improving your social responsibility and promoting universal human values.

Vida Estudiantil UDEM

be international, pragmatic, multicultural