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Vocational Guidance


The vocational guidance service consists of conducting a series of interviews and applying a battery of psychometric tests to evaluate your skills, professional interests, and personality.

Based on the results, your profile is prepared in order to offer you future career options and provide you with specific information on each one of the academic programs of this institution.

Support Services:

  1. Individual service to students:
      1. Interview
      2. Application of psychometric tests
      3. Delivery of results
      4. Informative session on suggested careers and degree programs
  2. Collective service to local and out-of-town High Schools interested in getting their students acquainted with and enrolled in UDEM’s undergraduate degree programs:
    1. Application of psychometric tests to students from the last semesters of preparatory school.
    2. Delivery of results
    3. Informative session on suggested careers and degree programs
  3. Vocational guidance talks
  4. Workshop “How to identify my career and degree program”

We invite you to contact us to request support through our services.

Lic. Judith Nancy García Jacobo
Tel: +52 (81) 8215-1000, ext. 1912

Lic. Salma Daniela Sánchez Moreno
Tel: 8215-1000, ext. 1070

Lic. Julia Valenciana García
Tel: +52 (81)  8215-1000, ext. 1070​​​​

Vocational Guidance​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​