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Vocational guidance

Vocational Guidance at UDEM centers on helping students who are interested in entering the Universidad de Monterrey and have not decided what program to pursue, as well as students who are currently studying at UDEM but are not satisfied with their choice of degree program and would like to transfer.
General aim:
To guide students to develop their life plan, taking into consideration their personal experience, skills, tastes and interests, personality traits, and general information, based on the following major points:
  • To carry out evaluations that stimulate learning and exploratory actions and not just a decision on a future occupation.
  • To strengthen skills and areas of opportunity for decision making.
  • To provide information on the different major points of the undergraduate degree program in order to make a well-founded decision.
Support Services
  1.  Individual attention to students
    1. Interview
    2. Application of psychometric tests
    3. Results submitted with basic information on suggested degree programs.
  2. Attention to local and out-of-town high schools interested in having their students discover their vocational profile and the general information on the undergraduate degree programs. 
    1. Application of psychometric tests to students from the last semesters of high school 
    2. Results submitted with basic information on suggested degree programs
    3. Vocational guidance talks 
    4. Workshop: “How to identify my major.”

For further information, contact us:

Tel. 8215-1000 ext. 1911 and 1912