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How to study abroad



This is what you need to do to go on a Study Abroad program: 

  1. Fill in the “Pre-enrolment” form and ask your preparatory Principal to authorize your participation in a study abroad program.
  2. Once you have this authorization, contact your International Programs Advisor and  make the first payment, which might vary depending on the program.
  3. Enroll to the chosen program. You must fill in all the necessary enrolment formats and submit to the International Programs Office all the required paperwork.
  4. Make the payment of the Study Abroad Fee ($750.00 Mexican pesos).
  5. Once the chosen program receives your paperwork and makes the offer of place, you must make the second payment.
  6. When the program receives your payment, they will send your acceptance letter and documents.
  7. Start your visa process once you receive these documents. You must check the requirements you need to meet with the corresponding consulate or embassy.
  8. Finish your enrolment procedure with the International Programs Office and make any missing payments.
  9. Attend the meeting with the Director of Modern Languages and Bicultural Studies (María Eugenia Montemayor) to check the courses you will have to take during your study abroad program, and sign the students’ rules.
  10. Attend the mandatory Pre-departure Orientation Sessions (two sessions).
  11. Enjoy your international experience and return with your official grades. Take your grades to the Office of Modern Languages and Bicultural Studies, where you will make the process to get credit for the courses you took on your exchange.
If you have a scholarship:
  • You must notify the CIAA department at your Preparatory Campus and submit your absence permission, so that they can put your scholarship on hold. You will be able to re-activate it when you come back from your stay abroad, as long as you met the requirements of your scholarship (general minimum average and no failed subjects.