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Read what others students are saying

“Everything is going so well, and although I miss my family and friends…it is one of the best (if not THE best) experiences that I have ever had. I know that in the beginning, it seemed my time abroad would last forever, but now that I am close to finishing I really do not want it to finish! My new high school friends are incredible."

Daniel Molina Hernández
Study abroad in France


“I am really enjoying my time here in France and I have improved my French so much. Now I understand almost everything and am speaking much better than before. I am very happy in my school with my friends. I get along really well with my host family, who are all really sweet with me.”

María Fernanda Garza Tamborrell
Study abroad in France


"Everyday I get more involved with my school activities, especially with the Rugby team and the friends I have made playing. I have to admit that I could not have had more luck with my host family. They are very nice to me and help me succeed here in Vancouver.”

José Emilio Gómez Assef
Study abroad in Canada


This study abroad has been wonderful! School has gone well and I made friends in the first few days. My English has never been better! I can speak well and understand everything I hear. I love it here, but there is nothing like Mexico – it is the best country in the world! I have travelled to many places, but the best are yet to come. I am going to London soon – it is such a wonderful feeling to be independent! Then I will go to Scotland and some other places. Everywhere I have visited has been really cool. This country has such amazing cities, museums, and history! I love it here, but I miss Mexico.

Jorge Arturo Margain Cantú
Study abroad in England


"I am so happy!!! I will always thank my parents for giving me this super opportunity. It is such an awesome experience!!! Time has simply flown by while I have been here.”

Nancy García
Study abroad in Belgium


"My American family is really cool. They treat me really respectfully and are always helping me go out and try new things. They have also helped me make friends and go travelling. In fact, we are going to the Mall of America in Minnesota next week for spring break. I feel so at home here and know I will miss my new family when I return to Mexico.”

Wendy Carrillo

Study abroad in the USA


“Everything is going really well with my host family. We have dinner together every night and talk a lot. I also go to parties, get togthers, movies, and to eat with my host brothers. My host parents give me tons of support in everything I need and I am very happy with them. School is still school, but I am doing well and feel I have improved quickly.”

Rodrigo Ferráez
Study abroad in Germany

I was so luck with my host family – they are excellent and make me feel really comfortable. I had trouble in school at first, but now I understand much better and my grades are good. I have made many friends, thank God. Everything is perfect!"

Juan David González
Study abroad in Germany