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Here is what our students are saying about their experience abroad:

“I would say that my study abroad experience in Peru was a major turning point in my life. Not only because I got to know this magnificent Latin American country, but even more for my academic, professional, political, and social education. When I was studying in Lima, among the many things I learned, the one that sticks out was appreciating the social and cultural diversity that characterize both Peru and Latinos generally. The people of Lima made my feel very welcome and at home."

Santiago Valdés Yáñez

Spring 2013 exchange at the Pontifical Catholic
Universidad of Peru

“My incredible time in Russia taught me many things about myself. The different situations I faced made me grow up and realize what type of world we live in. I learned a lot about history and general culture, I got ride of some of my stereotypes, I meet excellent people, and learned how to navigate the real world. I believe you cannot understand another culture with living in it, and that you cannot understand your own culture until you live outside of it.”

Paulina Villarreal Paredes (LEI) 

Spring 2013 exchange at the San Petersburg’s State University, Russia

“Participating in leadership activities and sharing the successes we have achieved at the UDEM, made me realize just how important it is to be a global citizen, who also promotes local change.  My first study abroad experience was assisting conference, "Women as Change Agents” of the Leadership exChange. This program gave me ample chances to learn, allowed my to visit five countries, and introduced me to many extraordinary people who are trying to change the world.”

Ana Lilia Aparicio Peralta (LPS)

Summer 2013 exchange at the Leadership exChange
Institute, Rome, Italy.

"I could not have made a better decision as part of my undergraduate studies. Being abroad provides experiences that enrich your cultural knowledge and give you a better perspective about your future profession.”

Adriana Morales Carmona (LPS)

 Exchange in Chile

“The beginning was tough, but after about a month I had met all sorts of people willing to help me out. From then on I had a ball. I learned a lot of German and the courses I took were excellent.”

Sergio Armando Rodríguez Ramírez (IIS)

Exchange in Germany

"I loved the culture, the people, the school, and all that I learned and experienced…I would have no reserves in recommending it.”

Edith Thomae López (LAE)

Exchange in France

"My time abroad was marvelous. It allowed me to get to know people from all over the world. I learned about different educational systems while finish my final courses for the UDEM. Living in the university dormitories was awesome because I could share my new experiences with new friends from all over the world. These friends taught me so much about other cultures!”

Rosa Guadalupe Gutiérrez (IIS)

Exchange in the USA