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Any questions?

How do I get my PIN (Personal Identification Number)?
What do I need to be reunited with my former classmates?
I would like to receive Verbum. How do I subscribe to this magazine?
How do I update my data?
How can I get in touch with a former classmate?
Can I restrict the publication of my personal data in the ExaUDEM Directory?
What do I need to do receive the ExaUDEM E-Newsletter?
Where can I make a donation to UDEM?
How can I participate actively in my alma mater?
As an ExaUDEM, can I use the Library?
Can I promote my business through the Alumni Relations Center?
How can I process school documents such as letters of attestation, transcripts, and translations of degree diploma or certificate? How can I find out the status of my degree diploma? Where can I obtain the original or a copy of my professional license?