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What do we do?

We design specific services to organize entrepreneurial families around rules, commitments, and common values.

We help our clients to develop as entrepreneurial families by creating value for their companies, working as a team, and building common commitments that yield relevant, lasting results.

The following are the functions of the Center for Family Business:
  • To teach high-school, undergraduate, and graduate students about the challenges and opportunities of family businesses.
  • To create useful knowledge for family entrepreneurs through solid, well-grounded research, which should at the same time enrich the various programs offered by UDEN in this field.
  • To prepare the members of the next generation to act as effective executives and/or self-possessed, responsible partners in the future.
  • To do research on the Mexican family business.
  • To train and advise family businesses so that they can achieve a successful transition from one generation to the next.
  • To promote family businesses.
  • To provide advice and consultancy on the special dynamics of family businesses and the members of the owner families.
  • To develop research forums to make headway in our knowledge of family businesses and offer courses of action with a practical use. UDEM hosts the most important international forums on family businesses in Latin America.