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Who are we?

We are a center founded in 1999. We provide consultancy and advice to business families. Our services support the preservation of the family-entrepreneurial legacy and enable the transformation of the governing bodies and communication schemes of the business family.

Our aim

The Center for Family Business seeks the continuity of companies through the unity and commitment of the owner families.

Therefore, we advise business families by offering them comprehensive service which is unique in the market and encompasses the following approaches:
  • Family-company relations
  • Legal advice
  • Psychological counseling

What sets us apart
  • We have been pioneers in Monterrey since 1999, with experience in Latin American family businesses.
  • We have had success stories that can be proved through signed family protocols.
  • We have associate consultants with extensive experience in family businesses and who will accompany and guide the business family to achieve the necessary agreements and commitments.
  • We have a solid Advisory Board.
  • Our consultancy services are linked to teaching and research.