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Mission, vision and objectives

Get acquainted with the philosophy of the Center for Studies on Well-Being.


The Center for Studies on Well-Being has as its main aim to provide a space which allows the integration of the different disciplines to further the knowledge on the determinants of subjective well-being and quality of life in Mexico, which to date is still nascent.

This center seeks to have great impact on the local and national communities by contributing to the carrying-out of multidisciplinary research and the dissemination of results. The generated knowledge will be conducive to the construction of a society that promotes the well-being of its members.


The Center for Studies on Well-Being will endeavor to promote bonds among leaders in the empirical study of happiness and quality of life and to become the central point of reference for researchers and those people in charge of the formulation of public policies and economic development oriented to increasing the well-being of society.


  • To provide a space for research which allows the integration of those devoted to the study of this topic in order to further the understanding of the determinants of subjective well-being and quality of life in Mexico.
  • To plan specific projects related to the study of subjective well-being and its connection with different personal and social aspects.
  • To hold conferences at local, national, and international venues and invite internationally renowned speakers to make presentations on these topics.
  • To publish the results of projects in the media and in academic journals.
  • To educate for happiness. To prepare teaching material for courses, workshops, and seminars aimed at students, parents, entrepreneurs, and society in general, based on the results obtained from research.