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Get acquainted with the most outstanding projects of the Center for Studies on Well-Being.

The Center for Studies on Well-Being has carried out several projects. The following are among the most outstanding:

  • Medición de la Felicidad en el Área Metropolitana de Monterrey. (Measurement of Happiness in the Metropolitan Area of Monterrey) $500,000 received for the project from an anonymous donor. August 2002 – July 2003.
  • "Quality of Campus Life" Project in which 13 universities from various parts of the world participate with the purpose of validating an instruments that can evaluate the quality of life of university students. Coordinated by Dr. Joe Sirgy of Virginia Tech.
  • "Construcción de un Índice de Calidad de Vida para México". (Construction of a Life Quality Index for Mexico) Project started with the participation of the Center for Social Studies and Public Opinion of Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies. A first measurement was performed and validation of the instrument and its periodic measurement are still pending.
  • “Diseño de un Índice de Calidad de Vida en el Campus".(Design of an On-Campus Quality of Life Index)  Designed for the Universidad de Monterrey and which aims to be implemented in various universities in Mexico.
  • "Searching for Michalos Paradise: Why we need to measure subjective and objective indicators of well being". A research that seeks to promote the measurement of subjective indicators of personal well-being.
  • "La calidad de vida en México". (Quality of Life in Mexico) A book to be produced jointly by the Chamber of Deputies’ CESOP and UDEM’s Center for Studies on Well-Being.
  • "Espiritualidad y bienestar". (Spirituality and Well-Being) A study interested in identifying the psychological processes involved in the relationship between these two variables; jointly with the Department of Psychology at the Universidad de Monterrey.