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Business Development

CIDEM offers the following programs for those interested in starting or growing their companies.

When experienced companies wish to expand into international markets, for instance, a lot of new aspects have to be taken into consideration. In order to support and encourage local companies to enter international markets, CIDEM offers the Business Development program, which focuses on advising them so that they can position themselves across the world.

If assistance is needed regarding legal aspects, advertising campaigns, taxes, etc., expert advice can be offered in a flexible manner, that is to say, according to the progress of the entrepreneur in the program.

This program can be optionally taken in two modalities: monthly consultancy or per-hour consultancy. If you decide to pursue the monthly-consultancy program, it consists of 5 hours of consultancy service, available training sessions, liaising with the academia, internal and external liaising, and workspaces.

For further information on prices and admission schedules, contact us at (81) 8215-1000, ext. 1635 and 1651 or e-mail us at