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Read the opinions of some CIDEM clients.

Claudia Treviño (Tesela Art)
"Using vitro mosaic started as a simple occupational therapy. However, as the incubation process took place, I realized that this could really be a business and that I could get some benefits from my hobbies. That is why I invite you to start your incubation process so that you can broaden your business vision, like I did.”

Michelle Salinas (PSICREE)
"I want to thank CIDEM for this incubation process, which has helped me to anticipate, to grow, and to gain a lot of personal and professional self-assurance to undertake this dream. I highly recommend this process to young entrepreneurs because it will help them to get their dreams underway.”

Sergio González (CAFETOMEX)
"We have been with UDEM’s Center for Business Incubation and Development for a little under two years. I must admit that in that time our project, a coffee roasting and trading facility, has taken shape in a more professional manner, something that favors us in our dealings with clients and suppliers. This tool is readily available to us, let’s use it to strengthen our projects.”

Fraire (Axendi México S.A. de C.V.)
"I thank CIDEM for facilitating access to their excellent facilities, which allow me to use various platforms, and for their support with marketing issues and sale strategies. I invite you to become part of CIDEM because mi project “Curso Trader”, developed on behalf of Axendi México S.A. de C.V., continues to grow and consolidate more firmly, with a considerable increase in the number of clients.”

Daniel García (Daily Crepes)
"Without a doubt, one of the things that I can highlight of my experience in the incubation process is my active interaction with suppliers and with potential clients. And I can emphasize the support I received, which helped to convince me that my project was completely functional and renewed my desire to go ahead with it.”

Lorena Escandón and Alejandro Gutiérrez (DOMDOM)
"As young entrepreneurs, CIDEM has provided us with a support network of professionals with a deep knowledge of their areas of expertise and with a collaborative space, both of which are tools necessary to start a business successfully. This has allowed us to focus on the idea, improve our strategies, and thus reach success within a shorter time than we had envisioned.”

Nancy Salazar (Beacome)
"Thanks to the CIDEM advisors, I am now fully trained to attend to any area of my company. I have managed to consolidate because the guidance I received at CIDEM has helped me found the right tools to develop new products, enter new markets and achieve the positioning I am seeking as a company.”

Pablo Guzmán Rivera (JP Web Pages)
"By joining CIDEM, we have created a more solid work platform in our company and a clearer vision of our objectives so that we can consolidate as one of the best options in the type of services we offer. Currently, we provide services to both small businesses and companies with more than 1,500 employees.”

Hans Christian Sandoval Gregersen (AD Publicid-ad)
"The Center for Business Incubation and Development has given me the opportunity to develop my project since it has the resources and professional expertise necessary to guide my company to success. That is how I know that I am on the right track.”

Guillermo Mendez Espinoza (Mach 1)
"Thanks to the support and trust that CIDEM and its advisors have given me and my project, I have succeeded in developing some of the best and most innovative mobile washing equipment. Definitely, the best option to consider if you are considering an enterprising initiative.” ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​