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Student Facilitator

Are you an UDEM student? We invite you to join the team of student facilitators!

In our team, you will be trained in the management and development of experiential education programs.

What is it?

A high-performance co-curricular course for students interested in being part of the team of student facilitators. In this course, participants will develop their own identity as a generation and they will receive weekly classes focused on the development of technical skills in rope and facilitation courses.

What are the program objectives?

By the end of the course, students will:

  • Be part of a learning community that will help them to develop technical skills to face significant challenges and to apply the experiential education process in different groups.
  • Will live an experiential education experience as a formative tool.
  • Will develop the leadership, service, and transcendence competencies set forth in UDEM’s formative model.

Where is it?

Classes are held in the facilities of the ¡Lánzate! (Go for it!) Center for Leadership and Challenge.

When is it?

Spring Semester: Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:30 to 12:45 in CRN 9573, or from  16:00 to 17:15 in CRN 11825

Fall Semester: Tuesday and Thursday, from 11:30 to 12:45 in CRN 10850, or from 16:00 to 17:15 in CRN 12896

* Start date: First week of class, at the ¡Lánzate! (Go for it!) Center


Since it is a high-performance class, it is offered free of charge to UDEM students.


  • Two 1:15-hour theoretical-practical contact sessions per week
  • 25 hours of service supporting CLD’s programs
  • Facilitation on Extreme Saturday
  • Attend eight-hour program at CLD facilities
  • Attend two-day camp at CLD facilities

* Registrations take place at the beginning of each semester

Information and Registrations

Mariana Rodríguez Serrano
+52 (81) 8215-1000, ext. 1657​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​