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General Information

The Centro de Política Comparada y Estudios Internacionales (CPCEI) (Center for Comparative Politics and International Studies) is a network of specialists in the topics of peace, violence, and conflict resolution. This network works to strengthen and disseminate comprehensive, holistic perspectives dedicated to the study of the processes involved in the search, construction, and consolidation of peace in various parts of the world.

The objectives of the CPCEI are:
  • To favor approaches that help figure out and understand obstacles to peace, through the creation of multidisciplinary discussion forums.
  • To help close the existing gaps between Comparative Politics and International Relations and between theory and practice with regard to searching for, maintaining, and constructing peace, emphasizing the international nature of many of the phenomena linked to violence. 
  • To encourage the creation of theories concerning the resolution of sociopolitical conflicts and of peace studies that go beyond specific cases, through intra-regional and inter-regional comparisons.