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Work Team

Hortencia Ruiz Velasco, M.I.
Director of the SOStainability Center

She has worked at UDEM since 2007. Her responsibilities in the efforts to lead UDEM to become a Carbon Neutral university include connecting, involving, and getting the UDEM community to join, as well as coordinating all sustainable actions, negotiating cooperation agreements and the exchange of actions among students, faculty, collaborators, purchasing, concessions, human resources, maintenance and construction, NGOs and government agencies in their three levels, and international links, and the strategic planning. She has been an active member of the Asociación de Guías de México (GM) (The Guides of Mexico Association) since 1968 and she acted as National Commissioner from 2001 to 2007 and as ENO (Environmental On Line) Coordinator from 2008 to 2013.

Juan Carlos Aguado Snyder, LCC
SOStainability Coordinator in Preparatory

A Master of Humanities student at UDEM.  He has worked as Sustainability Coordinator to develop and integrate the critical thinking of UDEM’s high school students in this area. Moreover, an international tree planting campaign will be carried out with the participation of the Nuevo León government to have this city certified as a Green City by the government of Finland and the UN.
Over the last few years, he was worked as a professor in different areas of cinematic and literary art, teaching an approach to critical thinking that benefits society, as part of his classes. Art is part of our culture. If we change our artistic judgments, we change culture toward an orientation that benefits our environment.

César Alfredo Nanni DeValle, M.I.
SOStainability Liaising and Project Coordinator

Among his responsibilities are analyzing the SOS Center’s sustainable projects, finding a link between the different players in order to generate multidisciplinary work groups and follow-up on progress. In collaboration with students, faculty, and external parties, he creates synergies to generate projects that trigger a positive impact on the environmental, social, and economic spheres. Furthermore, his activities include generating, facilitating, and carrying out the University’s SOStainable audit.