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The change is in you.


In the past, environmental care efforts at UDEM were the result of isolated initiatives from individuals or different areas but they were not undertaken within the framework of an institutional effort.  For this reason, in 2010 the Council decided to create a Center to coordinate and enhance environment-related activities, within the broader concept of Sostainable Development. The following is a summary of its track record:

1. Preparatory

  • “Environmental Systems” has been included as a compulsory course in all preparatory syllabi since 1994.
  • The campaign for the collection of recyclable material “Convirtiendo los deshechos en hechos” (Turning waste into facts) started in 1995. The proceeds obtained from this campaign have been destined to support scholarships for Tarahumara (Raramuri) children.
  • UDEM’s ecology-oriented Valle Alto Campus was born in 2004, giving a boost to the activities that were already in place. 

2. University Campus:

  • An ecology committee was first established in 2004. It put in place the first garbage segregation containers.
  • In 2005, the Pastoral department joined the efforts of Preparatory, promoting the activities in the university campus.
  • In 2006, UDEM signed as a supporter of the Iniciativa Carta de la Tierra (Earth Charter Initiative)
  • In 2008, the OIKOS student group and the maintenance area started a joint garbage segregation project on campus.
  • Initiatives from faculty to support sustainability-related student projects as part of curricular courses

Current projects

The start of the Center in 2011 caused the strengthening of projects already in place and the beginning of some new ones, from a sustainable development approach. The following are some of these projects:

  • Universidad de Barrios: Diploma course in Sustainability
  • Calculating the ecological footprint of the University Campus, in collaboration with the Dirección de Mantenimiento y Construcción (DIMCO) (Office of Maintenance and Construction)
  • Management and segregation of solid waste at the preparatory units and the university campus in collaboration with DIMCO
  • Support to underprivileged rural communities in the municipality of Iturbide (Santa Inés, Cuevas, and Madroño) through UDEM Missions: family orchards and productive and social projects carried out as part of courses in the architecture, industrial design, mechanical engineering, social entrepreneurship, and international tourism programs.
  • Awareness-raising activities on Campus and in Preparatory
  • Project: Sustainable Residence, in University Campus: promoting community orchards
  • Broadcasting on the radio, the press, and the digital media 
  • Projects at San Pedro Campus:
    • Calculating ecological footprint, with International Baccalaureate students
  • Projects in Valle Alto Campus:
    • Applied chemistry studies to carry out (jointly with the Academy of Natural Sciences) a UVA vehicle inventory and an estimate of CO2 emissions for transportation.