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SOStainability in the Syllabus

Sustainable academic courses offered by the Universidad de Monterrey in its different divisions, by department.

  • Total number of courses: 1276
  • Sostainability-focused courses: 21. They cover social, economic, and environmental aspects, studying issues or topics with sustainability as their goal.
  • Sostainability-related courses: 47. They incorporate sustainability as one of their components or focus on a principle of sostainability.

SOStainability-focused courses

Division Dept+Key Course
DAAD DA+1010 Elements of Architecture
DA+2000 Architectural Design I
DA+2005 Architectural Design II
DA+2011 Architectural Design III
DA+2015 Architectural Design IV
DA+2051 Advanced Installations
DA+2066 Sustainable Architecture Theory
DA+2085 Fundamentals of Urbanism
DA+2091 Urban Design
DA+2910 Intermediate Studio III
DA+2955 Sustainable Design Theory
DA+3042 Architectural Preservation
DA+3055 Urban Landscaping
DA+3075 Techniques, Systems, and Materials
DA+3080 Project Analysis Tools
DA+3085 Certification Standards and Procedures
DA+4010 Architect Final Evaluation Program I
DA+4015 Architect Final Evaluation Program II
DIEHU HU+1340 International Humanities Seminar
DINE AD+2055 Social Entrepreneurship
DIT IN+1211 Modern Energy Systems

SOStainability-related courses

Division Dept+Key Course

DA+1005 Architectural Analysis
DA+1020 Introduction to Construction Systems
DA+1900 Conceptual Studio
DA+1920 Materials and Processes I
DA+2056 Materiales de Construcción
DA+2060 Construction Processes and Techniques
DA+2080 Site Analysis
DA+2900 Intermediate Studio I
DA+2905 Intermediate Studio II
DA+2935 Materials and Processes II
DA+2940 Materials and Processes III
DA+2945 Materials and Processes IV
DA+3000 Architectural Design Integral I
DA+3005 Architectural Design Integral II
DA+3095 Interdisciplinary Design Solutions
DA+3900 Advanced Industrial Design Studio I
DA+3905 Advanced Industrial Design Studio II
DA+3910 Advanced Industrial Design Studio III
DA+3930 Containers and Packaging
DA+3935 Packaging Technique Workshop
DA+3940 Merchandising of Containers and Packaging
DA+3950 Transport design
DA+3960 Ephemeral, Symbolic, and Intangible goods
DA+3965 Durable and Collective Goods
DA+3970 Goods for Life and Environmentally Friendly Goods
DA+4900 Industrial Design Professional Internship Program
DA+4905 Industrial Design Final Evaluation Program
AA+1160 Integration Studio – Drawing and Multiple Work
AA+1300 Garment Manufacturing and Reconstruction Techniques
DECS DE+3425 Environmental Law
DIEHU HU+1005 Ethics
HU+2030 Social Thinking of the Church
DINE AD+1200 Institutional Leadership
EC+2013 Tourism Economics
EC+1050 Mexico’s Economic Problems
EC+2095 Tourism Geography
EC+2210 Economic Geography
EC+3011 Economic Development of Tourism
EC+3033 Tourism Planning
EC+3035 Economic Environment of Businesses
EC+3075 Integrative Business Seminar
EC+3085 Economic Development
EC+3095 Regional Economic Development
DIT IN+3321 Tribology
IC+1100 Geology
IC+1150 Surveying
IC+3300 Environmental Engineering

Academic Divisions and Departments at the Universidad de Monterrey

Academic Divisions
Academic Departments by Division
Initial / Names Initials / Names
DAAD / Art, Architecture, and Design Division   DA / Architecture and Design
AA / Art
DECS / Law and Social Sciences Division   CS / Social Sciences
DE / Law
DICSA / Health Sciences Division         CB / Basic Sciences
CC / Clinical Sciences
EM / Nursing
NU / Nutrition
PS / Psychology
DIEHU / Education and Humanities Division       CI / Information Sciences
ED / Education
HU / Humanities
ID / Modern Languages
DINE / Business Division     AD / Administration
CO / Accounting
EC / Economics
DIT / Engineering and Technology Division       SC / Computer Systems
FM / Physics and Mathematics
IN / Engineering
IC / Civil Engineering