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Research in sustainability

Sustainable academic courses offered by the Universidad de Monterrey in its different divisions, by department.

Division Dep. Research Period Name

Design of a reusable foldable container 2010

Gerardo Arrambide Paz, Enrico Gualersi
y Patricio Ortiz Silva
Sustainable Design in UDEM Cristina F. Guzmán Siller
Strategic plan for the sustainable development of the Southern region of the State of Nuevo León 2006 Jimmie L. King
Urban development plan for Nuevo León’s citrus region
Urban development plan for the Northern region of N.L.
Strategic plan for the sustainable development of the Northern region of the State of Nuevo León
Colors and echos of Colonia Independencia
When Mexico faces globalization: permanence and changes in the metropolitan area of Monterrey
My River – Río La Silla, N.L. Mexico
AA Designs for the promotion of reading in Mexico
DECS CS Women in Saudi Arabia
Alejandra Galindo

Current scenarios of international arbitration
Magda Y. Robles Garza
Constitutional jurisdiction and democratization. The Supreme Court and the consolidation of constitutional democracy in Mexico
Eduardo Román González
Participatory Transparency
DICSA CB Producing intraocular lenses by using limbal stem cells
2010-2011 Gerardo Rivera Silva
Health and the underprivileged communities in the metropolitan area of Monterrey
2011 Héctor R. Martínez Menchaca y Gerardo Rivera Silva

Cognition and the Educational Processes
2008-2011 Angélica Quiroga Garza y Alejandro Moreno Martínez
Stress, anxiety, and depression
Angélica Quiroga Garza
Meta analyisis of effective interventions for the prevention of anxiety in schools
2008-2011 Julia Gallegos Guajardo
Universal prevention of anxiety and depression in Mexican elementary-school students
Selective prevention of anxiety in a vulnerable group of girls living in a hospice
Research on anxiety, depression and coping strategies in children with learning problems in Nuevo León, Mexico
Predictors of depression in Mexican children
Psychometric properties of the Anxiety Scale for Children
Gender differences in the access and use of communication and information technologies
Gender differences in the access and use of communication and information technologies
Spirituality and Well-Being
2006-2011 Alejandro Tapia Vargas
Health and Psychological Well-Being
Situational diagnosis of senior citizen care facilities in Nuevo León
2011-2012 Sanjuana Gómez Mendoza
Minorías en México / Diversity in Mexico: A case study of minorities
Silvia Panszi Artezán

Research and Improvement Program of the Normal School in Nuevo León: Student Academic Satisfaction in the Public Normal Schools of Nuevo León
María Teresa Garza Buentello
Basic education in underprivileged areas: Predictors of success and academic survival
Nora H. Martínez
Schools’ participation in the improvement of educational quality in Nuevo León
Diagnosis and technical-pedagogical support at the workplace to novel educators in elementary schools with academically vulnerable populations in the State of Nuevo León
Nora H. Martínez,
María Teresa Garza Buentello
HU Translational students in Mexican schools
Anabela Sánchez,
Victor Zúñiga
Family and international migration in the metropolitan area of Monterrey 1965-2005
Spousal abuse and symbolic violence in Nuevo León
Gloria Carbajal Rascón
Ethics and value formation
2006 Hector Maldonado Willman
Hermeneutics of Citizenship
2005-2010 Jorge Francisco Aguirre Sala
Contribution of new media to the construction of citizenship
Life experiences of leading women in Mexican universities
2009-2010 José Humberto Alanis Alanis
Literature and music for whole-child education
2006-2010 Julieta Yascara Leo Almaguer
Problems of the children of field hands in Cadereyta, N.L. and proposals for solving them
2009 Víctor Zúñiga
Company-community relations, the Ternium case  in Puebla, Jalisco, Michoacán, Coahuila, and Nuevo León
Mexican immigrants and transformations of local U.S. South Communities
DINE AD Implementing the Academic Integrity System at the Universidad de  Monterrey
2010 Nancy Westrup
Corporate Social Responsibility in International Contexts: A Vision from Subsidiaries
2009-2011 Ramón Paz Vega
CO Determinants of Direct Foreign Investment Flow from Mexican Companies to the United States
2008-2009 Cuauhtémoc Villarreal Celestino
EC Dimensions of poverty in Mexico
2006 Jorge Garza Rodríguez
New Well-Being Indicators System
2010 José de Jesús García Vega
Measuring Quality of Life in San Pedro
DIT IN Reducing the international order cycle time of an exhaust-silencer company in the automotive field
2009 Bernardo Villarreal Celestino
Increasing productivity at the storage and distribution center in the Northeast region of a food company
Optimizing the transport fleet of a food company
Incorporating carbon nanotubes to elastomers to increase mechanical seal performance
2011 Laura Peña Parás
Extending the lifespan of descaling blades
Unit for the development of solar energy exploitation systems
Laura Peña Parás,
Hortencia Ruíz Velasco de la Garza

Academic Divisions and Departments at the Universidad de Monterrey where research is carried out*

Academic Divisions Academic Departments by Division
Initials Name Initials Name
DAAD Art, Architecture, and Design Division DA Architecture and Design
    AA Art
DECS Law and Social Sciences Division CS Social Sciences
    DE Law
DICSA Health Sciences Division CB Basic Sciences
    CC Clinical Sciences
    EM Nursing
    NU Nutrition
    PS Psychology
DIEHU Education and Humanities Division CI Information Sciences
    ED Education
    HU Humanities
    ID Modern Languages
DINE Business Division AD Administration
    CO Accounting
    EC Economics
DIT Engineering and Technology Division SC Computer Systems
    FM Physics and Mathematics
    IN Engineering
    IC Civil Engineering