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Xignux_UDEM Initiative

The objective of the Xignux_UDEM initiative is to join the strengths of both institutions in order to generate alternatives to solve urgent problems related to energy and the environment through collective strategies in the short, mid, and long term.
The initiative deals with the following areas:

  • Culture: Creating a culture of environmental responsibility to generate a significant change in the inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Monterrey.
  • Dissemination: Generating dissemination products in order to develop a culture of research in the fields of alternative energy and environmental restoration, thus creating a stock that will allow us to reach out to the different population segments.
  • Solutions: Triggering alternative solutions to environmental problems at different scales through workshops, laboratories, and practical exercises.
  • Certification: Developing a solid network of experts and leaders in the field with the purpose of being recognized as certifiers in the area of Alternative Energy and Sustainable Development, both domestically and internationally. 
2012-2013 Period
Environmental Education
To train students, professionals, and the general public, promoting new criteria to foster sustainable development and design.
Research -  Monterrey Sustainable 2030 Vision
Analysis of Urban Heat Islands (UHIs) in the metropolitan area as a tool for the management and optimization of energy resources and the development of strategies to mitigate the effects of UHIs.
Alternative energy and Sustainable Housing Decathlon
To create an experimentation platform, promoting a change in the typology and ideation of housing through comprehensive solutions based on innovation and sustainability as the guiding principles for design and development (D&D), for houses to fulfill their functions as homes and foster social, academic, and family interaction.