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Faculty Directory

Get acquainted with the studies, publications, distinctions, and certifications of our faculty.

Researchers and Consultants

UDEM’s portfolio of researchers and consultants shown on this site bears witness to the high level of specialization of our academicians, which combines with the interdisciplinary spirit that historically has distinguished our university.

Because we are open to the community and its aspirations and attentive to the great dilemmas of Mexico and humanity, UDEM’s scientific and technological creativity is a means to an end, not an end in itself. Our philosophical legacy mandates: we humans can only achieve personal fulfillment when we place our talents, erudition, and learning at the service of other humans.

Art, Architecture, and Design
​Graphic Identity   Mtro. Marco Vinicio Garrido Felix
Mtra. María Teresa Treviño Treviño
Mtra. Marina Garza Peña
Mtra. María Eugenia Cázares Treviño
​Product Design ​Mtro. Patricio C. Ortiz Silva
​Packaging Design Dr. Cristina Fernanda Guzmán

Health Sciences
Human nutrition, obesity prevention and treatment Dr. Ana Carla Cepeda López
Well-being, prevention and treatment of stress and individual and collective anxiety Dr. Alejandro Tapia Vargas
Food biotechnology  M.C. Dalia Samanta Aguilar Ávila
Cancer research and molecular biomedicine M.C. Denisse Aideé Martínez Treviño
Clinical and microbiological tests, environmental microbiological tests, and microbiological tests on food M.C. Laura E. García Tovar
​Biotechnology and laboratory biosafety Dr. Humberto Herman Lara Villegas
Microbiology and molecular diagnostics Dr. Olga Carolina Rojas García
Biology, molecular genetics, and sequencing Dr. Rafael Baltazar Reyes León Cachón
Genetic engineering, physiology, and neurosciences Dr. Román Vidal Tamayo Ramírez
Biotechnology, nanotechnology applied to medicine Dr. Gerardo Francisco Rivera SIlva
Biosafety, microbiology, and detection of tuberculosis, latent TB, dengue fever, and influenza, among other diseases Dr. Francisco González Salazar
Fluorescence microscopy and transmission electron microscopy Dr. María Guadalupe Moreno Treviño
Health systems and institutions management, quality of hospital services ​ ​ ​ ​ Dr. Eduardo García Luna Martínez
Dr. Jorge Takenaga Fukushima
Dr. Héctor Ramón Martínez Menchaca
Dr. Héctor Cobos Aguilar
Dr. Zeta Melva Triana Contreras

Law and Social Sciences
​Human rights, conflict resolution, and improvement of public administration and administration of justice systems Dr. Magda Yadira Robles Garza
Dr. Fernando Chinchilla
Mtro. Eduardo Román González
Dr. Eduardo Rocha Núñez
Corporate and financial law, intellectual property management Dr. Arturo Azuara Flores
​Mtro. Roberto Javier Lozano Escárcega

Education and Humanities
Educational assessment and teacher training    Dr. María Teresa Garza Buentello
​Dr. Nora Hilda Martínez Sánchez
​Mtra. Beatriz Isabel Gómez García
Mtro. José Honorio Cárdenas
Dr. Emma del Pilar Palmer Cantón
Social equality, care of vulnerable groups Dr. Javier José García Justicia
​Dr. José Humberto Alanís Alanís

Engineering and Technologies
Automatic control systems
Mtro. Jorge de Jesús Lozoya Santos
Development of optimal manufacturing methodologies for the aero-spatial, automotive, refrigeration, and metalworking industries Mtro. Mauricio Garza Castañón
​Development of software and specialized monitoring applications: electronic and informatics designs  ​ Dr. Leticia Neira​
Mtro. Martín Gerardo Jiménez Vega
Mtra. María del Consuelo Jiménez Fernández
Dr. Martha Salomé López de la Fuente
Materials, nanoparticles and tribology ​Dr. Demófilo Maldonado Cortés
Dr. Laura Peña Parás
Dr. José Santiago Cruz Bañuelos
​Logistics development and application, manufacturing management and processes, quality improvement strategies   ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​Dr. Bernardo Villarreal Celestino ​​
Dr. Juan Baldemar Garza Villegas
Dr. Juan Sillero Pérez
Mtra. María Teresa Verduzco Garza
​Ing. Jesús Alberto Tamez García
Dr. José Benito Flores Juárez

Planning, development, and application of strategies and administrative and business projects Dr. Fernando Mata Carrasco
Organizational development and change, leadership Dr. Laura Elizabeth Garza Meza
Mtra. Guadalupe Martínez de León
Strategic planning
Mtra. Ana Elena de la Mora Velazco
​Mtra. Minerva E. Ramos Valdés
​​Digital Transformation and E-Commerce ​Dr. Erik Ernesto Vázquez Hernández
Measurements of social well-being and quality of life ​ Dr. José de Jesús García Vega
Social responsibility Dr. Ramón Paz Vega