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Institutional Security Plan


The Universidad de Monterrey has developed a strategic security plan to fulfill its strong commitment to protecting the physical wellbeing of the members of its community.

Committed to Security

As a result of the increasing violence in Mexico, the UDEM has implemented a strategic security plan with sufficient emergency protocols and a modification of our hours of operation. Moreover, we have a system offering permanent monitoring of events that may interfere with the University's activities; implementation of preventive and contingency measures, and 24 hours-a-day/365-days-a-year attention provided by our Security Center to enable students, parents, professors or associates to request support or report incidents endangering themselves or their personal property.


The following measures can make a difference when facing a potential danger:

  1. Prepare a family communication plan: notify where and whom you are going out with, and try to be reachable at all times. The use of cellular telephones is allowed in the classroom for emergency situations.

  2.  Avoid going out alone or too late at night.
  3. Only answer calls from numbers you already know.
  4. Do not leave valuable objects within sight inside your automobile.
  5. Reinforce communication with your neighbors regarding these issues, and report any suspicious situations to the authorities.
  6. Go on with your regular activities, taking appropriate precautions.
  7. Be aware of your surroundings; watch and pay attention to everything happening around you.
  8. Avoid routine paths, change routes on a regular basis; during the journey, and tune in the radio to learn about blockades or traffic incidents.
  9. Properly address any doubts and concerns. Avoid forwarding communications or e-mails containing non-identifiable origin information, since they only contribute to raising the level of concern and anxiety.

Evacuation and confinement procedures

Given the possibility of emergence situation near or on our installations, the UDEM has established these basic security procedures.

  • Evacuation
    Calmly leave the classrooms and offices and walk to the nearest safe zone or “reunion point”.
  • Confinement
    Staff, teachers, students, and visitor stay in/enter a classroom, office, or enclosed space near to them and stay inside until they are informed that the risk has passed.