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Advanced Certificate in Electronic Marketing Design

The Advanced Certificate in Electronic Marketing Design allows us to transfer marketing strategies to  the electronic media, strengthen technological and information design aspects and use the best technology to support client management, advertising, and merchandising processes. It provides candidates with cutting-edge skills in Internet design strategies.

Our commitment is to develop the best creative talent in Latin America, which is why we created the Centro Roberto Garza Sada (CRGS), a space for ideas and expressions where the most brilliant, forward-looking, and creative students from the Art, Architecture, and Design division congregate.


To train experts in electronic media marketing strategies who are capable of managing technology and information design, using the best technology to support client management, advertising, and marketing processes, incorporating cutting-edge skills to the design of Internet strategies.

Student Learning Outcomes
  • Mastering the use of design concepts in multimedia, interactive design, and/or editorial design and their application to design problems.
  • Developing the capacity and knowledge to interpret and apply information from other areas, such as marketing, advertising, resource management, product development, and art direction.
  • Developing research skills in new techniques and theories of contemporary design in order to generate projects with innovative trends.
  • Deepening their knowledge of new techniques, concepts, and theories that enable participants to handle present and future works more effectively.
  • Developing empathy skills to identify the needs of a client.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​



The UDEM faculty has ample academic and professional experience and are both nationally and international recognized.