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Master of Graphic Design

The Graphic Design Master’s Degree Program trains those interested in managing the creative department of a business effectively by applying the most advanced design and management techniques, concepts, and theories.

We are dedicated to developing the best creative talent in Latin America and have opened the Roberto Garza Sada Center (CRGS), a venue for ideas and expressions, in order to gather and develop the most brilliant, creative and progressive students in art, architecture, and design.


​To train experts in the use of design solutions, capable of effectively managing their own firms or design departments through the application of the leading graphic design and executive management theories, techniques, concepts.

Masters Graphic Design:
  • Show a positive attitude towards change and also master the concepts of multimedia, editorial design, and interactive design  
  • Have the ability and knowledge to interpret and apply information derived from marketing, advertising, resource management, product development, and art direction.
  • Promote research into new contemporary design techniques.
  • Identify customer needs in an empathic manner. 
Student Learning Outcomes
  • Master the use of design concepts in multimedia, interactive design and/or editorial design in the application of design problems.
  • Develop the skills and knowledge needed to interpret and apply information coming from other areas such as marketing, advertising, resource management, product development and art management.
  • Develop research skills in new techniques and theories of contemporary design trends to generate projects bearing innovative trends. (4.) Delving into the knowledge of new techniques, concepts and theories which will help participants to more effectively manage current and future jobs.
  • Create empathy skills to identify a customer's needs.



The UDEM faculty has ample academic and professional experience and are both nationally and international recognized.

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