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Advanced Certificate in Business and International Markets

Academic Program Director

Osmar Ernesto Arandia Pérez  
Academic Program Director   
Building 5, office 5304   
+52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 4148   
01 800-801-UDEM ext. 4148


Dr. Osmar Arandia majored in Business Administration at the Monterrey Campus of ITESM. He graduated in 1993. Subsequently, he earned a Master’s degree in Marketing from the EGADE Business School in 2011. He holds a doctoral degree in Management Sciences from the Business School, which he was awarded in 2012. His specialty is Strategy and Social Responsibility and the title o his thesis is “Humanistic Management: A case study from the Steel industry”.

His research interests focus on social responsibility, business ethics, and humanistic management. The following are among his most notable recent publications:
  1. Modelo de sustentabilidad empresarial penta-dimensional: Aproximación teórica (Penta-dimensional model for business sustainability: A theoretical approach) Portales, C García de la Torre, G Camacho, O Arandia. Administración y organizaciones (12), 113-129, 2009
  2. Underpinnings of humanistic management: a philosophical approach O Arandia, L Portales. AD-minister, 123-147, 2015
  3. Shaping Humanism at the Tecnológico de Monterrey: The Citizen of the Future CG de la Torre, L Portales, O Arandia. Humanistic Perspectives on International Business and Management, 256-268, 2014
  4. The Loss of Sense in Labor Legislation, a Risk for Mexican Small Businesses and Their Employees L Portales, CG de la Torre, O Arandia. Organizational Change and Global Standardization: Solutions to Standards. 2016
As regards his professional trajectory, Osmar has held the positions of Academic Director of Administration at UDEM. He has also been the Director of Strategic Development at the UCC, and the Coordinator for Business graduate degree programs at that institution.

In industry, he has held senior posts in the commercial and marketing areas of several companies, in both the industry and services sectors.