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UDEM Residence Halls

UDEM Residence Halls is a concept in university housing which is unique in Mexico because of its design and student life project.

Housing Registry

Buscohogar (Home Locator) is a site open to anyone in the general community who is interested in finding rental housing or boarding accommodation near the Universidad de Monterrey campus. Therefore, Buscohogar serves as a means to post housing offerings but it has no responsibility whatsoever over the agreements or contracts executed between lessors and lessees.

The following are the steps to follow for publishing a housing offer:
  1. After making an appointment, the interested party should come by the office of Buscohogar at the Universidad de Monterrey and
    1. Fill out the application for the posting of a housing offer
    2. Sign the posting agreement
    3. If the interested party requests an invoice, he/she should fill out the form for the registration of tax data”
  2. The collaborator in charge of Buscohogar will send a slip with the corresponding reference numbers to the interested party so that he/she can make the payment for the posting of the housing offer.
  3. The interested party will pay the annual posting fee of MX$600 with the previously sent slip, either by making a cash deposit at the bank or by making the corresponding bank transfer.
  4. The interested party will scan and e-mail the corresponding receipt of bank deposit or transfer. The subject box should contain the phrase “Pago por concepto de publicación” (Payment for posting) because some e-mails may be taken as spam and be sent directly to the recycling bin.
  5. Once the payment has been reported, the corresponding e-invoice will be sent to the interested party within 3 working days if tax data were provided.

The following are some of the terms that apply to the posting of housing offers on the website:
  • Only housing located near the Universidad de Monterrey is posted.
  • The housing must be owned by the interested party (provable). Posting by brokers, realtors and/or third parties is not allowed.
  • Buscohogar reserves the right not to post the housing offers if they do not meet the aforementioned requirements and/or the policies set forth in the agreement signed by the interested party.
  • Buscohogar UDEM is only a contact means (posting) between the people offering housing for rent and the out-of-towners or foreigners interested in renting some housing space.
  • Neither UDEM nor the Buscohogar program will take any responsibility for the negotiations carried out between the two parties.  Likewise, neither UDEM nor the Buscahogar program will take any responsibility for the debts that may result from the agreement between the lessor and the lessee.
  • Through the Buscohogar program, the Universidad de Monterrey reserves the right to disclose the posting criteria used and to eliminate posted housing offers.