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Admission Steps and Requirements

Learn the steps and requirements to be admitted to the UDEM Residence Halls.


  1. Make sure that you have been admitted into UDEM, that is to say, that you have passed the entrance exam and submitted all documentation requested by the CIAA (Student Information and Services Office).
  2. Complete your application on line and make sure that it is processed successfully.
  3. Pay your reservation for the corresponding to the term when you want to be admitted and select the payment scheme (in one payment or installment plan) through the UDEM Portal by December 14, 2017, at the latest.
  4. You must email the following documentation:
    1. Accommodation contract signed by parent/tutor/joint obligor and resident.
    2. A copy of voter card (INE) or passport of both the resident and his/her parent/tutor/joint obligor.
    3. Health form signed by applicant (fill it out and print it from the application for admission to residence halls).
    4. A copy of major medical insurance policy if you did not contract the medical insurance service offered by UDEM every semester.
    5. Medical emergency letter signed by resident and tutor.
  5. If you have a disease or physical condition that requires special care, you must send the following via e-mail:
    1. A medical certificate on the condition in question.
    2. Signed form authorizing the administration of special medications if necessary.
    3. Letter of acceptance of responsibility for special medical care.
    Note: You will find the aforementioned steps in the section
"Services" » submenu "Residence Halls" » "Admission to Residence Halls"
("Servicios" » submenú "Residencias" » "Ingreso a Residencias")

It is a requirement for the resident to e-mail all the documentation requested for admission to If necessary, the candidate will be given a non-extendable period of one-week after his/her arrival to submit the documentation. If that term elapses and some documentation is still missing, the resident agrees that his/her Portal UDEM account will be blocked and his/her key to the room will be disabled. These measures will remain in force until the resident submits all of the documentation requested for admission.


  • Being enrolled as a student of the Universidad de Monterrey in the corresponding academic term.
  • Completing all the aforementioned steps as stated in this document.

Information for new coming students
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