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Campus Resources

At the Universidad de Monterrey, we are aware of the fact that our students need services and facilities to enjoy their university life.

Sports Areas

One of the campus facilities currently available for the convenience of our students is the Center for Sports Education and Training. There you can practice soccer, indoor soccer, tennis, volleyball, basketball, and softball. You can also swim and do field and track, tae-kwon-do, aerobics, and climbing. ​​


There are two on-campus cafeterias at your disposal:
  • La Troya is in the Community Center building. There you will find meals and snacks. Cafeteria service is also provided for special events.
  • One of them is located in the Rectoría building. In La Troya you will find a large variety of food options: salads, sandwiches, hamburgers and daily special menus. You will also find candy confections and gourmet coffee. In the morning tacos, juice, and smoothies are served.

Photocopying and Printing Centers

For your convenience, six Copimex photocopying and printing centers are located in UDEM. There you can get blank and white and color photocopying services, color printing, poster and blue-print printing. Duplication, binding, spiral binding, and laminating services are also available. High-volume work is also provided.

You can find a photocopying center at:
  • Sombreado (the Shady area)
  • Community center
  • Rectoría
  • Building 6
  • San Pedro Unit

Circuito UDEM

The Universidad de Monterrey simplifies your commute to campus by providing free private transportation service.

Circuito UDEM runs on a set timetable, Monday to Friday from 6:30 to 22:00 hrs (check the timetable) during regular semesters.
Summer-term timetable is as follows
  • Block A - 7:00 to 9:00 hrs
  • Block B - 12:00 to 15:00 hrs
  • Block C - 17:00 to 19:00 hrs

Directo UDEM

Directo UDEM Offers you private student transportation services exclusively from various locations in the metropolitan area to the preparatory school units and the campus of the Universidad de Monterrey.

All of the buses used to provide this service are recent models with luxury interiors. They comply with all required measures to guarantee your safety and convenience.

Additionally, Directo UDEM buses are driven by professional drivers who have been trained to provide you with the best service possible.

Parking lots

The parking system is operated under a concession to provide you with a more thorough service. There is 24-hour surveillance and car arrivals and departures are monitored through automatic ticket dispensing machines, magnetic readers, and control barriers.

As a parking lot user, you are guaranteed a parking space. You are also covered with car theft insurance and basic mechanical assistance in case of flat tires, a dead car battery, etc.

Payment of a semi-annual registration fee will grant you unlimited access to the parking lot service for the corresponding academic term.


The Librería Bachiller (Bookstore) is located on campus, on the ground floor of the Community Center. There, you will find textbooks, general interest books, magazines, and stationery. The bookstore offers book import services.

UDEM Store

Located in the lobby of the Community Center, the UDEM Store offers a number of institutional items with which you can show your pride of being part of the Universidad de Monterrey.

Contact UDEM Store
Tel. +52 (81) 8215-1000 ext. 4192​​​