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UDEM Campus Master Plan


The aim of the “Universidad de Monterrey” Campus Master Plan is to serve as a tool for the implementation of future on-campus projects. This plan has been designed to be informative and proactive regarding future achievements for the development of our University. It is the institution’s reference point to plan, organize, and compare future projects with previous projects.

The Campus Master Plan is a tool to help the “Universidad de Monterrey” to improve the appearance and functionality of its campus by creating a new aesthetic landscape through the improvement of current on-site spaces, and existing natural resources and places. This premise takes into consideration the relationship between the natural scenery surrounding the campus and the campus buildings. This establishes an orderly use-of-land plan for the campus and its open spaces, including its gardens and circulation spaces.

The plan is about promoting a consistent architectural aesthetic created for the University, which offer an implementation plan that is feasible within set financial objectives. This document will serve as a full reference for eco-friendly urban development projects throughout the campus and for fine-scale projects as well.

Download the "Universidad de Monterrey" Campus Master Plan.​​​​​​​​​​​