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ExaUDEM Clubs

ExaUDEM Local Clubs

These clubs are aimed at graduates from the preparatory school, undergraduate, and graduate levels
who share some passion or hobby.

Review the available clubs and join them!

ExaUDEM Communication Club

If you are a graduate of the Information and Communication Sciences career, you can join this club.

Its objective is to strengthen the bond between students and create an active community through the creation of spaces that impact the professional positioning of the UDEM Communicator.

President Linda Yuliana Canales Romero, LCIC'07
Vicepresident Christian Emmanuel Navarro Garza, LCIC'05
Secretary Reynaldo Garza Villarreal, LCIC'06
Treasurer Adriana Lizeth Barberena Cerda, LCIC'05

Rocío Díaz González, LCIC'09

Mariana Marlene Rodríguez García, LCIC'07



[email protected]

Facebook: Exa LCIC

ExaUDEM Enterprisers’ Club 

If you are interested in entrepreneurship issues, this club will bring you together with experts, high impact entrepreneurs, seed capital and venture capital funds, accelerators and other stakeholders related to the ecosystem, to share ideas, advice and good practices.

President Deyanira Delgado Vallejo, IIS'05
Vicepresident Mauricio Canseco Cavazos, LEI'09
Secretary Salvador Ramírez Cantú, IMA'12
Treasurer Roberto Alfonso Villarreal Dávila, LDE'05

Frida Roffe Hinojosa, LCIC'09

David Molina Vargas, IMA'12

Fernando Noroña Pedroza, IBI'10

José Blas Gutiérrez Figueroa, IIS'13



[email protected]

Facebook: Club Emprendedores ExaUDEM

ExaUDEM Leaders’ Club

This club will provide you with Organizational Development tools - through conferences, congresses, work tables and other activities - so that you become an agent of change in your organization and your environment.

President Gladiomar Hernández Sánchez, ISC'01
Vicepresident César David Cossio García, LCIC'13
Secretary Samuel Casanova
Treasurer Héctor Heski Huerta Valtier, ISC'99
Member Luis Eduardo García Guerra, ICAP'83



[email protected]

Facebook: Club Líderes ExaUDEM

ExaUDEM Psychology Club

If you are a Psychology graduate, we invite you to be part of this club.

Put your experience at the disposal of the UDEM Community, support recent graduates, provide professional guidance and encourage work collaboration among graduates.

President Cristina Elizabeth García Guerrero, LPS'06
Vicepresident Alma Alexis Chapa Armenta, LPS'15
Secretary María Elena Vidales Martínez, LPS'92
Treasurer Rodolfo Emmanuel García Ovalle, LPS'08
Member (educative) Ángela Julieta Siller Farfán, LPS'07
Member (work) Luis Felipe López Martínez, LPS'15
Member (students) Mariel Andrea Reza Arroyo, alumna LPS
Member (clinical) Tammy Denisse Martínez Salazar, LPS'06



[email protected]

Facebook: Exalumnos de Psicología de la UDEM

ExaUDEM Out-of-Town Clubs

If you are a graduate from the preparatory school, undergraduate, and graduate levels
and you are living in a different city, state, or country,
you can join the ExaUDEM Out-of-Town Clubs.

Currently, there are clubs in the following cities:

Chicago IL.

President Cary Rositas Seftel, LPS'96
Vicepresident Edna Jackeline Vázquez Núñez, LRH'04
Secretary María del Sol Aguirre Espinoza, LPS'10

Mexico City

Vicepresident Carlos Eduardo Peraza Zazueta, LDE'03
Secretary Mayra Janeth Orona Castellanos, LDI'98
Treasurer Brenda Liliana Viramontes Silva, ARQ'97

Jéssica Yolanda Jiménez Garza, LMI'98

Luis Antonio Martínez Celestino, LPS'04

Yamel Guadalupe Yaber Velez, LDE'03 ​



[email protected]

Facebook: ExaUDEM CDMX


President Erika Benavente Mancilla, LEC'01
Vicepresident Jesús Alejandro Benavides de la Garza, CPA'00
Secretary Adriana García Montemayor, IIS'06
Treasurer Michelle Cassidy, LMI'00

Carlos Rivera Montes, IMT'13

Gabriela García Elizondo, LCIC'00 ​​ ​



houston.exaud​[email protected]

Facebook: ExaUDEM Capítulo Houston

San Antonio

President Marcela Lorena Villarreal Meléndez, LEI'11
Vicepresident Adrián Fernando Alanís Rizzo, ISC'03
Secretary Claudia Cristina Raymond Villarreal, LPS'96
Treasurer Cecy Paola Núñez Olguín, IIS'02

Yanett Orduña Saide, LCIC'90

Yolanda Leticia Orozco Salinas, LEI'90



[email protected]​

Facebook: ExaUDEM San Antonio