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Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences (online)

Become an agent of change and generate innovative actions in educational and cultural organizations.
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The Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences (online) prepares you to master fundamental knowledge of education and its relationship with new social paradigms.

You will have vast knowledge of educational systems and their management in order to respond to our society’s needs for education and training.

Quick Facts

Years duration.


Courses you will take in this program.


With the Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences (online), we prepare you professionally to develop a prospective approach by keeping you up-to-date in various areas so that you can generate innovative actions and become a catalyzer of change in educational and cultural organizations. 

We prepare you with an approach to educational research in the fields of curricula and educational technology in order to innovate individual educational processes (teaching practice) as well as institutional processes (institutional educational projects) that contribute to transform the quality of education.


Student Learning Outcomes

  • To master the fundamental knowledge of education and its relationship with the new social paradigms.
  • To upgrade and go deeper into the specific knowledge of a specialization area in order to participate in educational improvement projects.
  • To apply scientific research to their educational work in various sociocultural contexts.
  • To master basic professional skills (problem solving, ethical decision-making, negotiation, and application of reasoning in logic and communication) for the performance of their work duties.

Admission profile

In order to pursue the master’s degree program in Educational Sciences (online), you must meet the following profile:

  • Be committed to the permanent search for quality and excellence in the actions you undertake.
  • Show interest in acquiring knowledge and skills to design, develop, implement and evaluate training programs and human resources training.
  • Have high motivation to know and participate in a training system supported by the updating of new communication and information technologies.

Graduate profile

Upon completion of this master's degree program, you will have acquired the following skills:

    • Problem solving
    • Negotiation
    • Project management
    • Effective oral and written communication
    • Effective decision-making
    • Creativity

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    Consult the courses that you will take in the Master’s Degree in Educational Sciences (online).

    *The order presented may change.

    1st four-months
    Course Credits
    Didactics of Learning Based on Neuroscience and Modern Psychology 6
    Curriculum Evaluation and Design 6
    ​​Problem Solving Based on Key Issues 2
    Logic Applied to Reasoning and Communication 2


    2nd four-months
    Course Credits
    ​​Organizational Perspectives and Implementations in Educational Administration 6
    Rationality and its Scientific Approach in the Didactic and Learning Process 6
    ​​Project Management 2
    Ethical Decision-Making 2


    3rd four-months
    Course Credits
    ​​Philosophy, Education, and Ethics 6
    ​Cognitive Processes and Education 6
    ​​Stimulating Creativity and Innovation 2
    Effective Negotiating 2


    4th four-months
    Course Credits
    ​Multiculturalism and the School 6
    Diagnosis and Understanding of Learning Problems​ 6
    Research Methodology 4


    5th four-months
    Course Credits
    Sociology and Anthropology of Education and Culture 6
    ​​Innovation and Change Project 4


    6th four-months
    Course Credits
    Organizational Culture and Learning 6
    ​Dissemination of Innovation and Change Project 4


    Total credits: 84

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