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If you are traveling

If you are traveling…

When leaving

Cancelled trips

All domestic and international institutional trips have been canceled until further notice.

Health measures

If you need to travel for personal reasons, maximize the application of general health and hygiene measures.

Inform your director

Inform your director (program director or immediate boss) of your departure and return.

Upon returning from a trip

1. Inform your director

(program director or immediate boss) in advance of your return.

2. Your director will send you the “Travel questionnaire”.

You must answer the questionnaire ASAP.

3. In accordance with your answers,

Dr. Luis Antonio Sánchez López or Dr. Rogelio Cervantes will evaluate the risk factors. 

4. You will receive instructions

to return or stay in social isolation for 14 days with daily follow-up. 

5. Upon completion of the designated period,

you will be evaluated again and the actions to be followed will be defined.