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Institute of Human Rights and Enterprises

The Institute of Human Rights and Enterprises (IDHE) envisions to become the reference think-and-do tank in Mexico as concerns training, research, dissemination, and action in terms of enterprises and human rights.

The aim of the IDHE is to develop social-impact, research, consultancy, and training projects regarding the impact of economic activities on human rights, focused on the strengthening of an entrepreneurial culture on the subject, the creation of shared value, and the achievement of the sustainable development objectives of the United Nations.


The services offered are centered on three main axes:

Consulting and training Social Incidence Research
  • Enterprises
  • Government
  • NGO
  • Other
  • Promotion of an entrepreneurial culture
  • Co-production of public policy
  • Cases
  • ​​Undertaking of projects
  • Theme studies
  • Publications​​


Enterprises, government, NGO, and the general community.​​​​​​