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UDEM’s graphic identity

We are proud to be UDEM and yellow is our color. Get acquainted with the graphic identity guidelines.


With an image that is according to current times, we at UDEM respond to present and future educational challenges, we reinforce the value of our brand outside and enhance the feelings of pride and belonging inside.

Our seal


The highest expression of our institutional identity.

This is our university seal, not our logo. Let us avoid this small semantic misstep. Our shield is an asset that must be protected and used meticulously to give authenticity, authority, and official recognition to a document or event.

A circular layout that contrasts thick and thin lines evenly. The name of the University occupies the main reading position in the shape of an upper arc and it is complemented in the lower part with the phrase “Homo Hominis in Ministerio Perficitur”, which means “Man is Perfected in the Service of Man.” The three historical books in the seal appear in the center, graphically refined and crowned with two mirror-image laurel wreaths. Symmetry and order.


Permitted uses

It is used in official documents such as professional degrees and diplomas, as well as on lecterns, façades, stoles, and PEF covers.

Full logo (Lock-up)

A lock-up is a graphic unit that ensures the correct use of the positions and scales of the elements that make it up. The lock-up of the Universidad de Monterrey is made up of a yellow plate, the university seal, a black plate, and the official name of the Institution. These elements maintain a special relation with one another and they must not be altered.

The full logo is applied only on institutional stationery and leaflets and installations within the University. It must be applied on a white background, except in promotional brochures, and it must be located in an outstanding position within the structure of a document, on the right-hand upper corner. The only exception to this is the location of the logo in the Institutional Website.


Our logo shows the acronym UDEM in the center, in matte black, over a bright yellow plate. The proportions of negative space upwards and sideways are equivalent. This allows for the protection of our logo and projects high visibility, especially in long-distance applications.

Download the Quick guide to the correct use of UDEM’s Identity



The colors of UDEM’s Identity are yellow and black. Below, we present the color variations for its use in printing or for digital use:

Any use not mentioned on this page will not be allowed.

The use of the shield without prior authorization from the Office of Marketing is strictly prohibited. For any query on the correct use of the shield, please write to [email protected].