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Consultancy Centers

We provide specialist services to companies, institutions, associations, and organizations through our 14 centers.

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Center for Bioethics and Human Dignity

We develop activities focused on reviewing, disseminating, and educating on ethical aspects related to the health areas and human life.

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Center for Molecular Diagnosis and Personalized Medicine

Our molecular diagnosis service will enable you to design personalized therapeutic strategies for your patients. We have high-efficacy and high-efficiency diagnostic tests and we apply border techniques.

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Center for Design, Innovation, and Advanced Research (CEDIIA)

We encourage and promote Mexican talent! If you have an enterprising, creative, innovative initiative, we are there to support you.

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Center for Instructional Design (CEDI)

Facilitate learning! Develop distance courses by using our instructional design service.

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Center for Family Businesses (CEF)

Achieve the objectives of your family business with our consultancy and training services!

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Center for Wellbeing Studies (CEB)

We work to increase awareness of the determinants of wellbeing and quality of life in Mexico.

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Center for Corporate Governance Excellence (CEGC)

We help you to implement the bet corporate governance practices in your organization!

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Center for Innovation in the Design of Packaging, ABRE

We encourage and promote your company’s competitiveness through innovation in containers, packaging, and packing.

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Center for Multidisciplinary Research on Conflict, Cooperation, and Development (CIMCCOD)

We analyze social, political, economic, and cultural issues, as well as dispute resolution, with particular focus on international cooperation and a multidisciplinary perspective.

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Center for the Treatment and Research of Anxiety (CETIA)

It provides high-quality service for the evaluation, treatment, and follow-up of anxiety-related disorders.

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Center for Liaison with Clusters

We collaborate with the various clusters of Nuevo León to create activities that enable innovation and economic growth, as well as the increase of regional competitiveness.

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Center for Business Productivity and Competitiveness (CEPCE)

We encourage and promote company productivity and competitiveness through research, consultancy, and training services.

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UDEM Hub for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We offer you consultancy and training, so you can reach your goals as an enterpriser.

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Intellectual Property Management Office

We provide specialized consultancy for the protection and marketing of intellectual property.

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