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Center for Innovation in the Design of Packaging, ABRE

We encourage and promote your company’s competitiveness through innovation in containers, packaging, and packing.

We focus on packaging innovation and design

Our services:

  • Comprehensive design of packaging (primary packaging, secondary packaging, and packing).
  • Graphic design of packages (labels, presentation, logos, change of image).
  • Auditing and assessment of packaging processes.
  • Load arrangement optimization studies.
  • Diploma course in Package Engineering and Manufacturing.


Additionally, we have specialized laboratories:

  • ISTA laboratory tests to ensure that the packaging will protect the product the product (vibration, compression, free drop, sloping impact, and environment tests).
  • Laboratory tests for corrugated materials, plastics, and adhesive tapes (ECT, BCT, Cobb, Mullen, puncture, friction, adhesion, elongation, and stress).

Package design projects

Our designs are created by packaging professionals and tested in our laboratory to guarantee their functioning.

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Transport Simulation Laboratory

*ISTA-certified (International Safe Transit Association)

Here, we assess the efficiency of the packaging and packing to protect the product and prevent any damage to it, consignments on approval, returns, overpacking, and repacking in the supply chain.

What tests do we carry out?

  • Drop.
  • Compression (up to 30,000 lbs.).
  • Vibration (overland, air, railway, and random transport).
  • Sloping impact [load capacity of 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs.)].
  • Rotational drop.
  • Environment’s effect [temperature -29 to 50 °C (-20.2 °F to 122 °F) and humidity 0 to 85%].

Materials Analysis Laboratory

    Here, we analyze materials such as cardboard, paper, plastic films, adhesive tapes, wooden pallets, and plastic containers to determine their strength, effort, elongation, etc.

    What tests do we carry out?

    • ECT (Edge Crush Test).
    • BCT (Box Compression Test).
    • FCT (Flat Compression Test).
    • Tensile strength.
    • Moisture absorption.
    • Frictional coefficient.
    • Tear strength.
    • Puncture strength.
    • Compression and flexion strength in pallets.
    • Adhesive strength.
    • Opacity.

    Associations and agreements

    Diploma Course in Package Engineering and Manufacturing


    Monterrey: $7,500.00 plus VAT

    Guadalajara: $8,000.00 plus VAT

    It includes materials and food.

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