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Mario Páez González


Institutional Message

We at the Universidad de Monterrey have the aim of inspiring our community to become the best version of themselves. 

Our 2030 mission has adopted digital transformation with the purpose of elevating the institution to the next level in teaching and learning, which will also offer students a differentiated value proposition. In order to achieve this, we have implemented strategies through the use of technology with some critical components such as organizational and cultural design, and the creation of new competencies in order to facilitate the evolution of our academic and administrative processes. 

We will continue to strengthen our initiatives aiming to develop skills with a humanist hallmark and to transcend in the service of others, through the creation of products and services that guarantee a better student experience while at the same time they accompany parents and students in the academic processes with the best support tools in order to achieve educational excellence and to continue preparing them throughout their professional life.

At UDEM, we commit ourselves to offering the principles, values, and teaching instruments necessary to motivate the new generations to improve an ever-changing world, always inspiring their best version. 



Digital transformation
Agile Teams 

Mario H. Páez González

President of Universidad de Monterrey

Mario Páez González is President of Universidad de Monterrey since 2019. He joined Alfa, S.A.B de C.V. in 1974. He began his career in Sigma Alimentos (a wholly owned subsidiary of Alfa) in 1997, where he served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

In 2002 he was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Sigma Alimentos. During his tenure as CEO, the Company grew 6 times its size and expanded to18 countries worldwide. During his more than 45 year career in Alfa, he held other executive positions such as Chief Financial Officer of Alfa and was CEO of Empaques de Cartón Titán and Total Home (Home Depot). Mr. Páez has also served as Chairman of the Mexican Consumer Products Industry Council (ConMéxico).

Vice-Chairman of the Mexican National Agricultural Council (Consejo Nacional Agropecuario) and Vice-Chairman of the Mexican Meat Council (Consejo Mexicano de la Carne). He currently serves as a board member of various companies in Mexico.

He is actively involved in the board of directors of a trust that funds various charitable associations and is member of the Consulting Board for Economic Affairs of Arquidiócesis de Monterrey. Mr. Páez holds a bachelor degree in Public Accounting and an MBA from Instituto Teconológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey. He also earned an MBA from Tulane University and attended the Top Management Executive Program at IPADE Business School.

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