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Carlos Basurto Meza

Vice President of Liaising, Effectiveness, and Academic Services

Carlos Basurto Meza’s career in the field of higher education spans more than 25 years. In it, he has developed as a professor in areas such as entrepreneurship and marketing. He has also worked as a consultant, director of academic program, head of academic department, dean of the School of Business, which he succeeded in positioning at the national and international level, and director of Entrepreneurial Liaising at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and the Universidad de Monterrey. He served as Vice President of Higher Education at the Universidad de Monterrey, reinforcing academic quality and encouraging the digital transformation of four schools and research at the university level.His achievements included a historical increase in new students and in scientific production, as well as national and international accreditations (AACSB, ABET).

In August 2020, he was appointed Vice President of Liaising, Effectiveness, and Academic Services at the Universidad de Monterrey. Since then, he has promoted strategic bonds with different internal and external interest groups, the design of effectiveness indicators, and academic services. Furthermore, he has encouraged the new student profiles and the development of faculty for the new UDEM strategy.

He has ventured into research, making contributions with an emphasis in social innovation, which have been presented at the conferences Marketing Science Institute, Marketing and Public Policy, Academy of Management, and Business Association of Latin American Studies. His articles have been published in international journals such as the MIT Sloan Management Review and the Journal of Business Research. He holds certifications from Newfield Consulting Spain, the Harvard program for PYMES by the Secretariat of Economics, and from the MIT in “Innovation Management.”

Thanks to his outstanding social leadership, he became a promoter of Social Entrepreneurship at UDEM and of the Shared Value Initiative with Harvard University. Through a strategic plan, he succeeded in having the UDEM designated as a Changemaker Campus.

He has participated in different boards such as the International Board of Ashoka U, the Christus Muguerza Board, the Chamber of Commerce of Canada, El Centro de Empresas Familiares (the Center for Family Businesses), The Entrepreneurship Council, and the Council for Digital Transformation.

He resides in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. He is married to Laura Martínez and is the father of Carlos Alfonso and Ana Isabela.