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Study abroad

At the Universidad de Monterrey (UDEM), we offer you 1,164 academic exchange options through 435 agreements with 1,014 institutions in 70 countries.

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Did you know that you can go on an exchange program from your first semester?

You can perfect your second or third language and have up to two courses from your curriculum revalidated while at the same time you get to know other cultures and traditions.

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Find an exchange program for you

Consult our exchange programs browser and choose the best option to go on exchange.

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International academic cooperation

Through agreements with foreign universities and international affiliations, we promote cooperation at several levels, such as teaching, research, and the mobility of students, faculty, and administrative collaborators.

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The UDEM, together with diverse foundations and organizations, offers scholarship to study abroad.

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How to Study Abroad

Do you want to go to exchange to another country but do not know how?

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Let the world know your talent

Did you know that if you are pursuing a graduate degree you can also do an internship or your social service abroad?

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Summer courses for external students

If you are a student at another Mexican university, at UDEM we help you to live an international experience abroad!

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